Your Green Christmas Guide for 2019.

The holiday season is officially upon us… At the Village, Christmas brings with it a whole lot of joy, fun family times, excellent food, and an excuse to boogie with the kids to cheesy carols in the living room. But for the environment, Christmas is a huge setback. The amount of waste produced over the Christmas period is, to be frank, ridiculous!

When you’re concerned about the environment, it can be difficult to justify buying more things at a time of.  Peak stuff and climate change. – But it can be just as difficult attending a birthday party, celebrating Christmas or a special occasion without bringing a gift(s)… it *can be totally awkward*.

This is why I’ve curated this conscious list of eco-friendly, green and zero waste gift ideas, so you can feel a bit better about giving gifts without having to compromise your environmental and sustainability values. Purchase single gift items, or buy several and make an eco-friendly gift bundle. Whatever you decide, we hope this guide saves you time and inspires you for a thoughtful and planet-friendly gift giving.


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Here’s to conscious and sustainable living!

Lulu Aguilar is the author of this guide and founder of The Natural Village.  She is passionate about organic, ethical, green, eco-conscious living and enjoys being a brand ambassador.  The Natural Village was born from her greatest inspiration – her 2 little girls – and a desire to inspire, encourage and empower people to make conscious, sustainable and healthy choices by delivering quality products and services. She believes this is the best gift you can give your children, your family, your village and our planet.



Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi 




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