Reducing toxins

Autoimmune diseases have been on a rise since the last few years. And ‘toxins’ are among the root causes of these diseases. Human beings have only recently started to acknowledge the existence of these toxins in their environment and in their bodies. But there is still little awareness on how to eliminate these health-hazards from one’s life.

At The Natural Village, we are passionate about offering toxin-free living alternatives, therefore, we have created this little guide that can help you on your journey to toxin reduction.

Opt for organic foods

One of the first steps towards minimising toxins in your life is to switch to organic produce, that is, food which is sprayed with chemical herbicides and pesticides. Finding local markets the best option to find fresh organic produce (and more!). If getting organic produce is a bit tricky, then ensure that you thoroughly wash all traditional produce before cooking/consumption.

You can wash them with white vinegar and add 5-10 drops of Lemon essential oil (depending on quantities) and let produce soak for 10 min before rinsing it off. Washing your produce in a homemade produce wash is a great way to make sure your food is clean.

Use natural cleaning agents for your home

Artificial cleaning chemicals release dioxin, a harmful byproduct and carcinogen that disrupts your endocrine system and affects your immunity – shocking I know! Cancer development is sometimes linked to such seemingly insignificant aspects of your life. Hence, be wary of commercially manufactured cleaners and use natural, organic or eco-friendly products that give you peace of mind in particular if you have kids around. 

Use essential oils

Drop those toxic fragrances and air fresheners that will certainly harm you (and the environment) and instead opt for essential oils. These not only offer a toxin-free environment, but they also have great healing benefits too. Since they have been tested for potency and purity, they are safe, natural, free of contaminants – synthetics – fillers and offer incredible therapeutic value. While colognes and perfumes smell really nice, most of them are made with toxic ingredients. At the village, we love our daily diffuser smells and toxin-free fragrances.

Say no to plastic bottles

This one is definitely a no-brainer. Did you know that plastic is made up of dioxin, a well-known endocrine-damaging chemical? This chemical can enter your food and beverages and cause several health problems. And never warm your food in a plastic container or drink from a heated plastic water bottle that was left in a car.  Consider an alternative to single-use plastic bottles that you can use to store your drinking water, tea or favourite drink. We love MY BAMBOO range! Each bottle features eco-friendly bamboo which is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. 


Ditch plastic straws

So many plastic straws are still being made with materials that are potentially toxic or carcinogenic. And even if straws are labelled as “BPA-free” they might still contain the chemical.

We have a big passion for the ocean creatures and we all know that straws pollute the ocean. And for several different reasons, straws frequently end up in the ocean because they’re littered on the beach, blown out of rubbish bins, or washed down storm drains, among other reasons. Studies predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight. Because of their small size, aquatic animals can confuse bits of plastic for food and choke on them. Sad right? Try reusable metal straws or reusable, biodegradable bamboo straws are a fabulous alternative! 



Let’s also talk about Radiation

Did you know that wireless devices emit low-level radiation, which may be damaging to our health? smartDOT, bio DOT, sleepDOT are magnetic discs, programmed with Phi energy which interacts with this form of radiation.  Acting as a filter, smartDOT retunes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) directly at their source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb. The EMF protection device is programmed to harmonise EMFs from our much-loved gadgets using the process of entrainment. Be mindful and protect your loved ones – grab them via the below banners.




Lulu Aguilar is the author of this blog and founder of The Natural Village.  She is passionate about organic, ethical, green, eco-conscious living and enjoys being a brand ambassador.  The Natural Village was born from her greatest inspiration – her 2 little girls – and a desire to inspire, encourage and empower people to make conscious, sustainable and healthy choices by delivering quality products and services. She believes this is the best gift you can give your children, your family, your village and our planet.




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– Mahatma Gandhi 


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