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We are here to help you live a conscious, green and healthy life by delivering quality products and services. We believe this is the best gift you can give your children, your family, your village and our planet.

Thank you for stumbling into our Village! The Natural Village is an Australian owned and operated family business for organic, conscious + natural families. We offer a handpicked marketplace and directory ranging organic ethical clothing and products, natural skincare, eco-friendly baby + kids clothes and products, motherhood care, handmade, recycled + upcycling, zero waste, fair trade, toxin-free living with essential oils, health and wellness.

We aim to support conscious consumerism by providing you high-quality products and services to enforce a healthier, minimal and sustainable lifestyle. We would like you to discover the remarkable benefits of wearing chemical free certified organic cotton, the importance of working with ethical companies who are committed to develop products without the use of cheap synthetic chemicals, with high principles, made with fair working conditions, sustainable production, labour and environmental policies to minimise their impact on the environment, and are as passionate about the planet and our wellbeing as we are! 

 If you haven't, we encourage you to get started by taking baby steps, believe us your skin, body, home, and the planet will thank you!

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Our Ethos by the natural village


What does our commitment to help you live a conscious life naturally means?

It means offering valued, admired like-minded brands that have the desired to help everyone that stops at the village and to contribute to a better planet, by sharing the same ethics and values. It means that our brands must meet at least one of the below criteria:

Be Ethical, Be Sustainable, Be Certified Organic, Be Truly Natural, Be Eco-Friendly, Be Low-tox, Be Conscious, Be Sustainable, Be Fair Trade and off course Kind to our planet.

The Natural Village is an online marketplace + directory offering handpicked, beautifully curated products and services. We aim to support conscious consumers to make great, green, healthy choices by providing you with high-quality products and services.

we truly believe that once upon a time all food was organic


Welcome, I am delighted to have you visiting our conscious and kind village!

I am Lulu, a mum, wife, entrepreneur, lover of nature, real food, and of course love all about natural, green & organic living. When I was a kid my weekends were all about going to the grandparent’s local Village in México, where I was born. I was able to freely run and explore nature and watch the harvest, while my parents cooked beautiful fresh food - that came from the local village farmers and from our own fresh produce, this simple and clean habits quickly became part of my lifestyle and the beginning of my passion for natural conscious living. When moving overseas and away from that lifestyle I found myself having gut and face skin issues, including rosacea. I started cleaning cabinets, fridge, etc and hello shock! I could count upwards of 20-30 ingredients in some of my everyday products, many of which I struggled to even pronounce. I made the decision to reduce as many toxins as possible from skincare, fresh produce and slowly make the switch. I replaced plastic for eco products, I started wearing natural fibres, supporting handmade and ethical products, and that's how my passion for a healthier, zero waste journey began.

After having my dear little girl Kyla, I became very aware of the number of toxins that are also around baby products and clothing - it is shocking. Kyla is my greatest inspiration and with my Digital Marketing background, I was passionate about finding out more about the toxicity that baby products and clothing have. I did market research to find shocking ingredients and loads of 'green-washing' products. This made me even more passionate about sharing the need of consciousness around families to make the change to lower the exposure of toxicity in their families (plus who wants their baby’s thin, delicate skin absorbing toxins?) So, this is how The Natural Village was created.

I have done all the hard work so that you can have quality products and services at your fingertips. I also truly love being able to support some incredible local, fair trade and kind businesses, most of which are also being run by amazing and super talented humans, that want to contribute to a zero waste living, to save our planet from sinking in nasties and water pollution!

I believe that if we don’t start making changes, then what are we leaving for our children and the generations thereafter. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope our products and services inspire you to also adventure into the world of conscious living for our children, our health, and our planet.


Lulu x

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