Haasch Supabrella is a plastic free, fairtrade, ethical, biodegradable, sustainable design umbrella.
Available 3 sizes: Small, medium and large.


Haasch Supabrella is a plastic free, fairtrade, ethical, biodegradable, sustainable design umbrella.

It is handmade using fast-growing bamboo and sustainable monkey pod wood each segment of the umbrella is carefully made by a different team of skilled artisans in Thailand.

​Our suppliers practise the principles of fairtrade, making sure that artisans and craftspeople receive a fair price for their goods and are paid both in advance and immediately upon completion of manufacture, adherence to minimum wage and social security laws, work-place safety, gender equality, child protection, environmental awareness and protection are all strictly observed.

It is available 3 sizes: Small, medium and large.

Caring for Your Supabrella

To make the fabric on the Supabrella biodegradable, the longevity of the waterproofing may be around 2 to 3 years or more depending on how much it is used in the rain.  You will know you need to retreat your umbrella canopy when it starts the fabric starts to absorb water.It will look and feel wet. You will need to retreat your umbrella with our special easy to apply spray treatment, which will be available for purchase online.

If your fabric becomes damaged, at a cost you can have this replaced rather than discarding your umbrella.  Please contact Haasch for a quotation on having your umbrella canopy replaced due to damage or wear and tear.

​Occasionally, your wooden tip ends may come away from the bamboo ribs. The wooden tip ends are not permanently fixed to the ribs for a reason. This is a feature of the Supabrella which allows the fabric canopy to be replaced if needed.

The Frame

The basic bamboo frame (for 20 frames) takes about 2 days just to cut and carve the bamboo by hand and then one full day to assemble the wooden top and runner.

These are made by the artisans brothers Naan Pon and team. These men are all in their 60s. They were born into an umbrella frame-making family and learned the skill from their parents.

The bamboo pole -about 40 poles are made per day. The artisans have to make them straight by grilling them on the fire, one by one. Then they clean the dirt along the pole. Next step – add the wooden pieces as stoppers which allow us to close the umbrella.

Poles, Pole heads and Tips

These are made by the artisans family of Auntie Noi.  Her son is the one who delivers the poles at our workshop and he usually gets a tip to make him smile. Noi is about 65 years old, and she cuts the poles and adds the wooden piece. Her husband grills the poles and sometime goes into the forest to cut more bamboo poles.

Umbrella tips and pole head – are made from wooden beads . About 100 pieces are made per day which is for 12 umbrellas (8 pcs per umbrella).

Artisans Uncle Kom and family who also carve mango wood vases make these small beads at a special price. He is very patient and has worked hard to get the right size for the Supabrella.

Handle, runner and inside top – about 300 pieces are made per type per day.

These are bought from a neighbour who specialise in carving soft wood, he has the Royal Myanmar workers create these.

The hemp wrap to keep the nails in – This was Dow’s idea. She can make about 8 frames per day (1 hour per frame). This fiddly and delicate work takes a calm and clever person to do.

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