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Hi, I’m Kelly the owner and creator of Lip Lip and I want to share the origins of Lip Lip with you.  We evolved organically over a few years.  My second child had ultra sensitive skin and would have severe eczema reactions to any store purchased lip balms, even the ones claiming to be natural, organic, pure etc still contained synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances.  This was very frustrating as both a mother and a consumer, and I felt there HAD to be a healthier, more effective way to make lip balms that DIDN’T use petroleum based products, artificial additives and fragrances.

So, I began the Lip Lip journey. Through a great deal of research, trial and error, many cosmetic classes and discussions with herbalists, naturopaths and the family dermatologist, I developed a range of products that my family could use with happy results. Soon, I was getting requests from family and friends for my products, and at their encouragement, Lip Lip was born.




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