Socially Responsible and Environmentally Conscious, helping to reduce single-use plastics by hand making Waxed Food Wraps. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, screen printed with GOTS certified fabric inks. We have artwork created for us by an Indigenous artist from Mullumbimby and also our own designs.

Our latest range, designed by an Indigenous artist from Mullumbimby, Daniel Hend.

A 3 pack contains one of each size:

The large is Eucalyptus leaves
The Medium is the black native Australian Bee
The Small is a meeting place and water holes.


HOW DO I USE MY WRAPS? Using the warmth of your fingers or hands, hold the wrap together for a few seconds and it will stick to itself, or it will stick to your bowl or container. They will take on any shape that you wish to wrap, conveniently and efficiently.

HOW DO I CLEAN MY WRAPS? Clean your Beeswax Food Wraps after use with warm water and a mild detergent, gently wipe both side and rinse. If they don’t have any food left on them, just a rinse under warm or cold water. Leave to drip dry over the dish rack and fold up and store in a drawer.

HOW LONG WILL MY WRAPS LAST? With care your Beeswax Food Covers can last between 6-12 months. To store your wraps we recommend folding them in half 3 times, than fold in half in the other direction. Store in one of your kitchen drawers. We have found this prevents them drying out and keeps them fresh for longer. They can dry out if stored laying flat. They also like to be used, the more you use them the better they work.

Do Not soak in water or use hot water.
Do Not use them in the OVEN, MICROWAVE or DISHWASHER as this will melt the wax and lessen there life span.
Do Not use with RAW MEATS

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