Our new Zero Waste Shopper Kit is perfect for fruit, vegetables and other produce items. Most major supermarkets have banned or are in the process of banning single use plastic bags – our Organic Cotton produce and tote bags are a perfect substitute and designed with both the environment and your produce in mind.

Our Zero Waste Shopper Kit contains:

2 x Small Organic Cotton Produce Bags

2 x Large Organic Cotton Produce Bags

2 x Organic Cotton French Market Tote Bags

The Shopper Kit is great to hang on the back of the front door, keep in the car, and compact enough to stay in a handbag or sports bag so they’re always handy when it’s time to visit the market or grocery store.

All bags are made from Organic Cotton, are machine washable and breathable – perfect for fruit and vegetables in the fridge or at room temperature in the kitchen. They’re extremely light and hard wearing.

All products are sourced and manufactured to the highest quality and ethical standards and designed to last. Perfect as a gift or for your family or friends.

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Shipping policy

Although we're based in Australia, we ship to all corners of the earth. Average time to receive deliveries from us is around 5-7 working days (although this could be much faster) We charge a small delivery fee to recover our costs but offer FREE delivery for all orders over $79. Now friends and family can enjoy living Plastic Free and you save on shipping costs.

Refund policy

Being super conscious of the environment, we like to minimise the number of product returns we deal with - we find it tends to create excess waste and trash, not to mention all the nasty extra pollution generated by trucks and vans transporting the return orders. Unfortunately if you change your mind on colour or style, we can't accept returns. If your product received is not what you ordered, get in touch with us ASAP and we'll replace it free of charge. We're also happy to offer you a really great discount on your incorrect product (just in case you want to spread the love and give it to a friend for their birthday). If your product is received damaged or the quality if not what you would expect, get in touch with us via our website and we'll gladly replace the item (it would be handy if you could send us a couple of photos so we can understand the reasons why these things happen!)